Photo Editing 101

Photo Editing 101: Creating an Instagram Puzzle Feed

Aloha & Welcome to photo editing 101 with Bela,

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how I created my most recent Instagram posts, so I figured I would share! I stumbled upon the concept of an Instagram puzzle feed when I discovered @juniperoats on pinterest. I instantly fell in LOVE with her feed because of how unique and cohesive it is, and knew I had to try and create something similar of my own.


You’ll need: Adobe Photoshop

Step 1: Download your template an open it in photoshop

I used one from Hawke Media offered for free here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.02.29 PM

Step 2: Pick a few neutral colors or patterns for the base

I recommend using pinterest for this one. Picking colors that match the photos you plan to use is a real timesaver as well!

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.37.20 PM.jpeg

Step 3: Add your favorite photos or anything that inspires you

Again, PINTEREST is amazing for this step. I recommend creating a designated Pinterest board for this step that way you can add to it in your free time.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 4.42.51 PM.jpeg

Step 4: ARRANGE.

Drag and drop your photos in a way that makes sense to you. Play around with layering photos, rotating them, etc.


Step 5: Save as a JPEG and use the app Planoly to split the photo.

IMG_5327Download your creation as a JPEG on photoshop, then download the app Planoly. Open the app and hit the “+” button on the bottom of the screen. Select your photo and click “Add.” Hit the grid button in the bottom right corner to split your photo, and select the 9 piece grid. Hit “Split.”


Step 6: Post your creation to Instagram

Now that your photos are split, begin with your first photo in the bottom right corner of your grid. Select the photo and hit “Post Now.” Repeat this step until all your photos have been posted.


Voila! You now have an Instagram puzzle feed.

I hope you all enjoyed this & I hope it was helpful!



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